Our Mission

Restoring the city to God by developing and linking people, communities and churches.

Our Vision

A vibrant Church in the city, sharing the hope of Christ with all people.

Our Values

As a staff, BHITC revised its core value statements in 2017.  In 2018, we developed a video to bring these values to life.  Watch and see for yourselves!

Core Values · Building Hope in the City from Brian Upton on Vimeo.


ABIDING WITH JESUS – We exist to share the unfailing hope of Christ with our city.  We believe all people – regardless of background, economic status, race, culture or denomination – can find hope in Jesus, who restores all of our brokenness.  Apart from Him, we can do nothing, and we follow closely after His teachings and example for our work.

COLLABORATING WITH PURPOSE – We believe the Church has a significant role to play in solving the issues of our city.  We pursue partnerships with intentionality, focusing on meaningful ways to unite faith leaders as valued contributors to addressing urban challenges and believe collaboration yields the best long-term results.  Partnerships across industries, denominations, cultures and backgrounds are powerful, exciting and beautiful.

INNOVATING WITH RISK – At BHITC, we pilot new approaches to faith-inspired ministry.  We have no fear of failure, knowing efforts that dare to share Christ and give witness to Him always produce new growth and opportunities.  We invest resources in exploring innovative means to effectively build real and meaningful relationships where people are free to become all they were created to be.

NOURISHING WITH COMPASSION – Relationships rule at BHITC.  We’re passionate about investing in people, generously offering the gifts of know-how, training and friendship, and through it, we learn more than we give away.  We press on to see the city restored to God, generation after generation, and to see hearts and lives transformed.

REJOICING WITH PERSEVERANCE – Ministry in the city is a marathon, not a sprint.  We celebrate what God is doing and believe successes are meant to be shared.  Resiliency, commitment and a love for our city are essential as we journey with and honor others who are being renewed, just as we are.  Making room for joy, prayer and honest dialog creates space in our efforts for God to give us His perspective in all things and to proclaim His name.