Our Mission

Restoring the city to God by developing and linking people, communities and churches.

Our Vision

A vibrant Church in the city, sharing the hope of Christ with all people.

Our Values

THE POWER OF GOD – We believe that God has infinite power to bring hope to urban communities. People who’ve lived separated from Him and one another because of their wealth, poverty, culture, past or present can be restored to a relationship with Him by faith in Jesus.

THE PRIMACY OF THE CHURCH – God’s instrument for delivering His peace and forgiveness to the city is the Church. We encourage and enable congregations, new and old, to embrace city ministry in order to meet people’s needs, engage culture and society, and effectively connect people to one another and to God.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – We are a people- and leadership-development organization. We invest heavily in equipping indigenous leaders, missionaries, church planters and community catalysts, providing training, resources and support.

CHRISTIAN LAITY – Within our city resides an immense and passionate engine for Kingdom advancement: Christians. We facilitate networks of learning, knowledge sharing, prayer and support among God’s people serving in urban ministry.

COLLABORATION – For the sake of stronger missionary and community redevelopment efforts, we forge new partnerships, both across the Christian community, as well as between the church and other domains in society.

BRIDGING CULTURES – We build linkages between people of differing cultures as a means of increasing love for neighbor and enriching the church and society with the viewpoints, talents and assets of diverse people.

MINISTRY RESEARCH – We serve as a “testing ground” for new ministry approaches and invest resources in exploring new and improved means of delivering faith-infused hope to people and communities.

GENEROSITY – We share our knowledge, successes and failures with others who have a passion for this work. The process regularly brings us in contact with others from across the country. We serve as a hub of information and learning for these urban ministries.