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BHITC’s staff looks forward to sharing these messages with you soon as part of the “Hope Speaks Speakers Bureau!” To schedule one (or several) of these speakers, call (216) 281-4673.  Multiple speakers are available for a panel discussion at your upcoming retreat, seminar or event.

Speakers Bureau

BHITC’s staff members have a word for you – and it’s a word of hope!

Staff members are available to present at your group or church’s next function as a keynote or devotional speaker.  To explore what’s possible, read below to find out more or call (216) 281-4673.

Words are powerful.  Words are motivational.  Words are life-giving and life-changing!  That’s why, at Building Hope in the City (BHITC), we seek to share our words with others.

Founded more than 11 years ago, BHITC, an urban and cross-cultural ministry organization, has grown into an organization strengthened by a staff as diverse as it is dynamic.  God has combined years of professional experience, certifications, degrees and life experiences on BHITC’s staff to create momentum in city ministry.  The Hope Speaks Speakers Bureau can bring all that to your upcoming event, meeting or gathering.  Outlined below are the staff members available to speak along with their topics of expertise.

IMG_0891Brian Upton, Executive Director

Who Needs Who? Does the city need us, or do we need the city?

It is easy to look at the problems we see in the city and consider it an inexhaustible problem, lost cause or worse! This presentation provides stories, insights and life applications into God’s reasons for making cities and what they are meant to provide us as His people.

Cleveland: City of Hope, City of God

Take a tour of the many ways God is indeed doing new things in our hometown. You’ll be surprised and challenged to learn the new ways the church is being called forward in mission. Explore through this presentation what these new approaches to ministry might mean for you, your group and church.

IMG_0903Eileen Wilson, Director of Refugee Resettlement Ministries

Serving the Nations through Local Ministry

Nearly 1,000 refugees arrive in Northeast Ohio each year, and BHITC is on the front lines of partnering with local congregations, service agencies, school districts and more to support their resettlement.  In this 45 minute presentation, Wilson will take you through a “Refugee 101” as well as open your eyes to see the world of opportunities at our doorstep.

Single Women in Ministry:  Embracing singleness and using it to serve God

God has unique and beautiful plans for each of us, yet so many people strive to build lives that mirror those around them, resulting in disappointment or disillusionment if things don’t go according to plan.  Through this discussion, Wilson discusses the wisdom she’s gained through her singleness and embracing opportunities to serve.

Changing Course:  Hearing God’s Voice for a New Direction

What do you do when God calls you out of the corporate world into the unknown and ever-changing nature of working cross-culturally?  In this 45 minute message, hear how Wilson moved from a process and system-driven field into the people-driven, non-profit work she does today.


Dana Carlisle, Communications Manager

Understanding Your Audience

In a culture of instant communication and thousands of messages a day, communicators must know what’s important their audience.  During this discussion, Carlisle will walk you through her experience writing for widely different audiences, including media professionals, senior level corporate executives, union workers, shareholders, donors, volunteers and ministry partners.  You will be challenged to think honestly about how knowing your audience can make or break your message.

Developing a Heart for Service through Heart Change

When we come to know God and experience Him personally, He begins to change our desires, our priorities and our thinking…almost unexpectedly!  In this message, Carlisle talks about how God transformed her heart, teaching her the beauty of serving others and stepping out in obedience into the unknown.

IMG_0914Nadia Abuamsha, Missionary to Cleveland’s Arabic Community

Ministering to Arabic Women

Women yearn for relationships, but unlike American women, Arabic women often have very few friendships and struggle with isolation due to their cultural traditions.  In this discussion, Abuamsha discusses her ministry to Arabic women in the Cleveland area, where she focuses on building bridges of trust, respect and friendship.

Finding Hope and Courage in Jesus

There is great reason to hope when you know Jesus!  He offers us an everyday reminder that He is working on our behalf and designing a path for our lives completely unique to us, for the purpose of His glory!  In this discussion, Abuamsha offers a message of encouragement for women.  Reminding them to ask God for strength and courage because He’s always listening.