Harvesting God’s Promise

Harvesting God’s Promise! (HGP) launched publicly in 2014 as a 5-year ministry expansion effort. It marked BHITC’s first major fundraising campaign outside of annual appeals.  Thanks to God’s grace and the generosity of many partners, HGP exceeded its $1 million goal in 2017!  To date, $1,149,387.74!!  Read on to see all that’s been accomplished!



Goal: Seeding the launch of new urban churches and the development of their leaders by supporting the start of at least 4 new congregations by 2019.
Funding Need: $350,000

What will be achieved?

The launch of at least four new congregations by 2019 that reach 300-500 new people.  Learn more about planting efforts that HGP is already supporting:

Provide formalized, local mentoring for emerging pastors and ministry catalysts in urban and cross-cultural ministry.

What’s been achieved?
Through BHITC’s Transform216 effort, as well as financial support, the following congregations have been launched, impacting the lives of more than 600 local residents:

  • Crossroads Lutheran Church (Brook Park)
  • MetroChurch (Clark Fulton)
  • City Church (Ohio City)
  • Renew Church Cleveland (West Park)
  • Table Gatherings (Rocky River and Lakewood)
  • 4 Doors Church (Highland Heights)
  • Cove City Church (University Circle)



Goal: Provide urban churches and Christians with tools to effectively reach their communities, including ministries that reach at least 700 people and expand volunteer participation by at least 250 people annually.
Funding Need: $225,000

What will be achieved?

  • 700+ additional urban residents served through expanded tutoring, job readiness, refugee resettlement, financial literacy and recovery programs – a 40% increase in impact.
  • 250+ new volunteers serving at and through area churches.
  • Staffing increases at BHITC to manage increased demand for support of new missions.

What’s been achieved?

  • The launch of The Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants in 2015. Since its opening, The Hope Center has seen a 650% increase in daily visits by refugees seeking resettlement services and relationships with local residents.
  • The introduction of Open Table to Northeast Ohio by BHITC as a faith-based poverty alleviation model. Since 2014, more than a dozen Tables have been launched, blessing families with support to achieve stabilized housing, employment, transportation and more.
  • BHITC’s volunteer army now totals 800+ annually.
  • New staff positions and members including: Kamila Burgess, Bethany Bell and Josh Gailer at the Hope Center as Refugee Program Assistants; Dana Carlisle as Manager of Communications; Joyce Ng as Development Manager; and Bryan Karas as Manager of Open Table and Special Projects.


Goal: Through social enterprise business creation, expand the church’s ministry to encompass economic and workforce development, including the launch of a new thrift store and staffing agency.
Funding Need: $250,000

What will be achieved?
Launch HopeWorks, an LLC within BHITC that starts new businesses that provide pathways to employment for people BHITC and its partners serve; yield net profits that expand BHITC’s overall mission.

Business models currently in development:

  • Suburban thrift / vintage store – employing 15-20 people and generating 30-40% annual net profits over time.
  • Temporary staffing agency – creating a pathway to employment and self-sufficiency for 800+ people by marrying Christian mentoring processes with employment opportunities.

What’s been achieved?

  • Hiring of Jeff Stredney as Director of Social Enterprise.
  • Launch of HopeWorks, an LLC within BHITC to pilot marketplace ministry and businesses that provide pathways to employment for people BHITC and its partners serve.
  • Launch of Common Threads, which has employed 30+ people since its opening in June 2016, and was named “Best Thrift Store in Cleveland” by Scene Magazine in 2017.
  • Launch of Nehemiah Collaborative, a housing initiative that will create a workforce development arm in construction skills for unemployed individuals, as well as property management business. The ministry’s goal is to renovate 50-60 homes on the near west side by 2028 as a means of business creation that provides affordable housing and spurs Christian community development.
  • The complete renovation and repurposing of two foreclosed residential properties by Nehemiah Collaborative by February 2018, with a third home now under construction and due to be completed by Fall 2018.


Goal: Create a new citywide hub for urban ministry leadership and training by repurposing an available building on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Church to serve as BHITC’s administrative and mission training center.
Funding Need: $175,000

What will be achieved?
Repurpose a 5,000-square-foot, two-story former school building on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Church to serve as a dynamic, 7-day-a-week home base for BHITC that includes:

  • Church planting center – facility space for group planning, coaching and learning for future pastors and faith leaders.
  • Urban mission training center – training for volunteers and local urban churches.
  • Immigrant/refugee help desk – welcoming and assisting future new Americans.

What’s been achieved?

  • BHITC relocated staffing and operations to Trinity’s school building in the summer of 2016. Minimal repairs and renovations completed.
  • February 2018 purchase of the 15,000-square-foot building the Hope Center had been renting from a former church, which will allow refugee programs to expand significantly, as well as create an facility for future church plants and ministries.