A Certain Faith for Uncertain Times

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A Certain Faith for Uncertain Times
Jesus’s message: Have courage! I have already overcome the world!

Grace, Mercy and Peace from Building Hope in the City (BHITC)!

It’s been a jarring couple of weeks across our nation and world amidst the unfolding COVID-19 epidemic. BHITC remains as flexible as possible to care for staff, volunteers, partners and communities.

COVID-19 is prompting a lot of questions for the Body of Christ right now, especially as many churches shift to a largely online presence and Christians are increasingly isolated.

How does the Church respond? What does Christ-like love look like in this moment? Thankfully, this isn’t the first time the Church has encountered such circumstances. In the third-century AD, some of the earliest Christians were pressed with questions by the Plague of Cyprian that killed around 5,000 people a day and lasted over 10 years. In terms of the church’s response, pastor Glen Scrivener succinctly states:

“The plagues ‘search’ us. They discover in us either the way of the flesh (self-preservation) or the way of the Spirit (self-giving sacrifice). The third-century plague found in the church a Spirit-filled people, willing to walk the way of their Master.”

The early Church didn’t run away from the pain, they ran towards it. Perhaps the Spirit is once again prompting the Church to reach beyond itself even while it abides by social distancing best practices for the sake of our neighbor. Are we willing to self-quarantine without emotionally insulating ourselves from the plight of poor families, the vulnerability of the elderly or the fear of the foreigner? There are still ways to be the Church even in the midst of such an epidemic, and BHITC is thankful for many believers and church partners who are leading the way!

Opportunities to be the Church in Uncertain Times
Physically distant, but spiritually and socially present.  How is the Church responding? Tell us!

BHITC volunteers, partners and friends – you are missed already, but don’t stop the habit of reaching out and being generous. During this challenging time, BHITC begins a series about how the body of Christ is coming together to bless neighbors in simple, creative and significant ways. Let’s hear how you, your small group, or your church are seeking out ways to be a blessing to your neighbors and those in the most vulnerable situations. With your permission, BHITC will share part or all of the story on social media as a way of inspiring each other as God’s people making a difference in the world, no matter the challenges!

Share your story at connect@buildinghopeinthecity.org!

Give a Matching Gift.
Support BHITC’s efforts to love its friends and community

Through long-time partners, Thrivent Financial and as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, BHITC has the opportunity to receive a new type of matching gift now! This match is open to anyone and you do not need to be a Thrivent member, but the opportunity isn’t going to last long!

Thrivent will provide an extra $1 for every $2 donated for the first $1 million in donations made through Thrivent Choice Giving Platform.

Times of uncertainty also impact personal finances, so here’s a way to stretch even a small gift further than it otherwise could go! To give, select “personal donation” type and then enter “Building Hope in the City.” You will be directed to the InFaith Foundation page to make your donation. The funds will be matched and sent directly to BHITC.

Thank you in advance for considering giving amidst this challenging time! Any gift will help make up for any losses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Support Locally Owned Businesses
Meeting brothers & sisters in their time of need!

One of the devastating effects of COVID-19 is the number of small businesses potentially in jeopardy. Service industry owners and employees are in a vulnerable situation, but the Body of Christ can respond with support. Here are a number of the partners and friends you can impact during this time.

Metro West image coming soon!

Shoutout to Councilwoman Jasmin Santana and Maria C. Agosto for putting together the flyer and Metro West CDO (click on the flyer for link) for creating the map in the link to get the word out about our neighborhood restaurants who are still open for business!

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