Immigration and Legal Services

Building Hope in the City (BHITC) provides immigration and legal services to low- and moderate-income refugees and immigrants in need of such assistance at The Hope Center as part of its ministry to this community.

The organization seeks to build friendships with refugees and immigrants at the command of Jesus, who told us to not only welcome strangers, but also treat them as though they are family.  By providing affordable legal representation, refugees and immigrants are given dignity and the best chance to take steps toward fully integrating into their new home.

Since the opening of The Hope Center in 2015, BHITC’s staff and volunteers have assisted in 624 individuals becoming new U.S. citizens and provided immigration services to 1,282 people! Staff attorney, Nick Tribuzzo joined BHITC’s staff in 2018,  expanding BHITC’s offerings to refugees and immigrants through legal filings and representation.

BHITC fees for these services are often minimal and based on income.  Assistance for additional forms is provided at a fee per service rate. To schedule an appointment to discuss your immigration concern, contact (216) 241-9400.