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Open roads and manual labor! They are not for everyone… but for some of us it is exactly the way we like to spend time volunteering! This is a critical need of the store and is ultra-flexible. Those volunteering for this position will be added to a “donation pick-up crew” list, along with your available/preferred pick-up hours. When we have a donation pick-up opportunity close to you our donation pick-up coordinator will call/email to see if you are still available and to confirm details.

DriverAble to drive and use own vehicle (generally large SUV) or willing to rent and drive appropriate size U-Haul truck.
HelperYou are ready to lift, load, and unload but prefer not to drive a truck or carry items in your car. We still need you! You can simply be called upon to meet a driver at a pick-up site and help to load at the site and/or unload at Common Threads.
Time Commitment: As needed and only during hours you agree to. Estimate 2-4 hours per pick-up for smaller loads and up to 6 hours for estates. You will be called in advance and always have the option to turn down the opportunity if you are not available.
Number Needed: MANY! We would love to have a long list of people willing to drive or at least to help load or unload. Sometimes we can get 3-4 pick-up requests in a week and sometimes it is several weeks between pick-ups.
Reimbursement: If you can donate the expenses it is greatly appreciated! Drivers and helpers both can claim a deduction of $0.14 per mile for charitable miles driven to and from Common Threads for a pick-up / drop-off! However, if you are willing to drive but need expenses covered Common Threads is willing to help! We can reimburse miles driven at a specified rate. For those renting U-Hauls we can reimburse the cost of the truck and fuel as needed.
Need to be at store: NO, this can work around any schedule.

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