God’s Abundance Overflows for Renovation

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What the Lord has done with the organization’s dreams for The Hope Center’s renovation is a story so big and still unfolding, it must wait till the next newsletter. Yet, so much has happened, so here’s an update.

“It’s been an intimate walk with Jesus each step as He keeps showing up and providing for every need,” says Mary McHugh, long-time supporter of BHITC and volunteer leading renovation efforts at The Hope Center. “He’s moving so fast, I can’t even pray for the next need before He sends it!”

Because of COVID-19, less people are in the building daily, which has helped renovations move forward much faster and with far less disruption. The Hope Center’s long-awaited renovations began in January of this year, and since then, the new flooring installed in the Gathering Room (the sanctuary of the former church) was just the beginning! From donations of drywall, electrical, painting, window and decorating services to an entire building worth of donated furniture and a summer fundraising campaign that exceeded its goal, the Lord’s favor continues to pour out to overflowing at The Hope Center.

“Our goal is for The Hope Center’s appearance to communicate to everyone who enters that they are worth our very best and that they belong here,” says Eileen Wilson, Director of The Hope Center. “At the beginning of this project, we had this pocket of money to invest in renovations, and we still have it thanks to so many people wanting to donate their time, services and materials.”

Watch for more details and pictures on The Hope Center’s renovation next year!

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