Hope to Local Economy Coming Through Common Threads – Brook Park

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Adjusted timeline, same level of excitement for second store

As the Proverb goes: In a person’s heart, he plans his own way, but the Lord directs his steps.* When BHITC announced the opening of a Common Threads – Brook Park location in February 2020, the organization intended to open sometime this summer. At that moment, only God knew the timeline would change in the wake of global developments, but, by His grace, plans to open still move forward!

The second Common Threads location is targeted to open in Brook Park by the end of 2020, instead of its original timeline of the summer of 2020. Thanks to very low financing and partnerships with Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church and Lutheran Church Extension Fund, the plan to move forward is the best possible business decision for Common Threads, BHITC and the local economy.

“In a time where, unfortunately, many people are still unemployed and some businesses need to close, we’re deeply grateful to have the opportunity to not only retain the existing jobs of Common Threads – Fairview Park, but also to create additional jobs with our Brook Park location. More so, we’re grateful to continue to provide competitive wages and benefit options to our workers and a “grace wins” workplace environment that seeks the good of each employee alongside the good of the company. Finally, we are thrilled to be able to offer low-cost options on thousands of everyday items to the public as many recover financially,” says Jeff Stredney, BHITC’s Director of Social Enterprise.

Brook Park was chosen as the second store location to serve shoppers and donors located south of the city. “The city of Brook Park is a great second location for Common Threads. We look forward to welcoming them to their new home in our community of Brook Park,” says Michael D. Gammella, Mayor, Brook Park.

As the economy recovers locally, Common Threads – Brook Park will certainly be a part of that for this community. “The economic impact of a great business coming to Brook Park right now, offers us short-term benefits and a tremendous amount of long-term gains for our residents and city,” says Scott Adams, Commissioner, Brook Park Economic Development Department.

The new store will be roughly the same size as Common Threads’ Fairview Park location and offer all the same “Daily Deal” discounts and promotions our shoppers in Fairview Park have come to love. “Now, our customers and friends will have two great locations and twice as much merchandise from which to choose,” says Stredney.

Stay tuned through BHITC’s emails, Facebook and Instagram pages for announcements about the grand opening later this year of Common Threads – Brook Park!

*Proverbs 16:9, paraphrased by BHITC.

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