HopeWorks is the social enterprise – businesses whose primary purpose is the common good of the city and the advancement of God’s Kingdom – arm of the organization.

Using the disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace, BHITC offers the people it serves opportunities for employment, as well as other means of improving the quality of their lives and security of their loved ones and community.  Since it launched in 2015, HopeWorks continues to yield surprising and God-honoring results, much like the mustard seed in Jesus’ parable.

Social enterprises also create an important roadmap for BHITC to achieve greater sustainability. Our businesses yield net profits that are returned to BHITC so that its mission can be extended.

BHITC’s first social business, Common Threads – a high-quality resale shop in Cleveland’s Fairview Park neighborhood, has had an incredible first two years in operations.  Read more about the store here!