Meet Josh Miller, Church Planter

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Bringing people from all walks of life into a family, a home and a church

Q:        Tell us about you. Were you born and raised in Northeast Ohio? If not, where?

A:         I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Shortly after marriage, my wife and moved to North Carolina. While we lived there, God began to place in our heart a desire to move back to Northeast Ohio to plant a church.

Q:        Describe the type of congregation you hope to have. What do you hope it will be known for in the community?

A:         Our vision is to create a church that’s a place to come home and people to call family. Because of Jesus, we believe church should be a family of all races, tribes, and socioeconomic backgrounds. No matter where you come from and what you did, you matter to Jesus and we want to simply lived that out.  Fifty years from now, we want people to remember what Jesus did at Cove City, and how He not only broke down barriers in lives and communities that would otherwise not intersect, but He brought us together to make us family.

Q:        What does your process of engaging with the community look like? If others wanted to join your team, how could they get connected?

A:         We’re really excited about dinner parties that we recently launched. A dinner party is one way we can engage with our community and create a space where we can begin to build bridges and have meaningful conversation grounded in faith. Jesus most meaningful conversations happened around food and a dinner table. We believe the same can still happen today in our communities. We love connecting people to each other and want to make an easy on ramp for anyone interested in being a part of Cove City.

Q:        What value has participating in T216 added to your ministry and sense of call to plant a new congregation in Cleveland?

A:         Being a part of 216 has been super encouraging and beneficial. It’s allowed me to ask questions, be challenged and be a part of a group of people that want to see Jesus become personal in people’s lives here in Cleveland. Most importantly, I’m grateful that I’m not alone in church planting.

Q:        What about planting a new church excites you? Why do you think new churches are needed in the city?

A:         On Easter Sunday, we celebrated our one-year anniversary since launch. We’re grateful for what Jesus has already done with three people accepting Jesus and six people publicly proclaim Jesus as their Savior. It’s not us, but always Jesus, and we believe we’re just getting started.

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