The ministries at Building Hope in the City take differing approaches to collectively achieve the organization mission:
Advance the good of the city.
Magnify the mission of Jesus.
Unleash the capability of underestimated people.

In 2018, which was Building Hope in the City‘s (BHITC) 15th anniversary, the organization and its board of directors reflected on those years and adjusted the program structure beginning- as seen below – to more clearly reflect the heart of the ministries.

The overall goal with the changes is to structure BHITC’s ministries around WHY and HOW the organization does what it does, rather than focusing on the programs themselves. In doing so, the ministries now better align into one cohesive approach to provide the greatest impact for the city and the Body of Christ.

We believe that mission requires the following:

Jesus – He’s who we’re serving, proclaiming and sharing. He’s also got clear ideas on what the city could and should be.  Our ministries seek to illuminate that vision for more people, churches and neighborhoods.

Leaders – God always provides our communities with leaders. In the city, they often come from unlikely places, through unusual life experiences and by unconventional methods of training and development.

Learning – BHITC encourages and facilitates learning. We seek to understand,  interpret and leverage the city’s dynamic rhythms and changes for the sake of mission.  We seek partners who value sharing and networking, as well.

Community Building – God’s restoring work in the world always brings people into reconciled relationships with themselves, with others and with creation.