Scrap Metal Driver / Delivery

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Already enjoy scrapping metal? Want to learn how? It’s actually very easy! We are finally able to make room to separate out our scrap metals and need faithful individuals willing to pick it up, scrap it, and bring the money to our main office. Pick-up frequency would vary but we would only need it once we collected a large enough load to make it worth the trip. The process is very easy, and we can make the amount collected match the capacity needs of the vehicle of the driver.

Driver:  Able to drive and use own vehicle (generally large SUV or small truck / pickup). Able to lift at least 30 pounds.Time Commitment:  As needed. Scrapping hours for our preferred location are 7a-4p weekdays. Estimate 1.0-1.5 hours for complete trip (pick-up, scrap, and return). You will be called in advance and always have the option to turn down the opportunity if you are not available.
Number Needed:  MANY! We would love to have a long list of people willing to do this.
Reimbursement:  If you can donate the expenses it is greatly appreciated! Drivers can claim a deduction of $0.14 per mile for charitable miles driven to and from Common Threads for a pick-up / drop-off! However, if you are willing to drive but need expenses covered Common Threads is willing to help! We can reimburse miles driven at a specified rate.
Need to be at store:  NO, this can work around any schedule.

Contact Eloy Gonzalez for more information at

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