Sheep, Hidden Faces and Dancing

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I wish I could dance! I’ve never been a dancer but always admired it. I am the guy who had the head bop and chilled on the side observing the scene. From loose carefree, to ballroom, to breaking, I love it all! As a Latino growing up in an urban community, music, beats, and dance were as normal as the sunrise, yet I just couldn’t get down! Why was that? Was I afraid to look like a fool, to get it wrong, or of what people might think? Was it a case of insecurity and low self-confidence?

Dallas Willard once said one of the reasons we appreciate little children is that “they don’t hide their face”. For good, bad, happy, or sad, you know what a child is feeling by their face. As a father of 6, and seeing my own toddler pics, I can attest! But unfortunately, somewhere along the line, to survive their world, a child learns to “hide” and put on the face they learn is required to survive. That could mean stoic expressions when they really needed to cry, or restricted grins when a hysterical laughter was due. Perhaps a rambling tongue when it’s really time for silence, or maybe even some head bopping when it’s really time to rock the dance floor.

Whatever the case, there are many adults walking around with their faces hidden in order to be affirmed, approved, or accepted. How do we find our child face again?  Can we find it again?  Yes! We can start with Psalm 23!

We learn in Psalm 23 what life can be like if we trust God and His provision of guidance, nurture, and protection over us because…

When the Lord is my Shepherd, I have given up trying to control my life, and surrendered it to the loving care of the Trinitarian God. I’ll trust in God’s guidance and oversight because God knows and desires the very best for me.

I shall not want, nor ever look elsewhere, because God is enough.

He makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still watersGreen pastures are where a sheep eats his fill!  If he’s lying down, he is either dead…or he’s got a full belly!

Still waters are the calm, quiet, and peaceful place a sheep would drink at.  If the shepherd can lead a sheep peacefully alongside them, that sheep is not thirsty because it drank it’s fill!

Following God down right paths is good for us because it’s where we eat and drink our fill. Because we’re filled with God’s nourishment, our souls are continually restored anew!

We are then so comfortable and confident in our leader, that when we walk through the darkest valleys, where we can’t see what awaits, where dark powers and principalities are scheming against us, where unexpected tragedy can strike at any moment, we fear nothing at all, because we know Who is with us!

When we recognize that everything our soul needs to be genuinely loved, things like acceptance, approval, and affirmation, are endlessly and abundantly flowing to us from the heart of God, we fear nothing and no one, and we don’t have to ‘hide our face’. We can dance and sing, smile and laugh, know and be known, because the opinion of the One who matters most says “You are Worth it, you are Valuable, you are Loved, and you are Mine”.

“but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty.”
John 4:14

“I have food to eat that you do not know about.”
John 4:32

“I am the good shepherd.”
John 10:11a

Written by Eloy Gonzalez, BHITC’s Manager of Ministry Engagement.  To connect with Eloy, send him an email at

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