The Dividends from the Lord’s Work

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Volunteers and donors at Bethel Lutheran and Fellowship Bible Churches transform dreams into realities

Doing the Lord’s work generates many beneficiaries. As mentioned in the previous story, BHITC recently dedicated its fifth housing renovation project on Trowbridge Avenue with eight previously homeless veterans already moved in. Yet, as God always would have it, the blessings produce a return to the givers, as well as the recipients.

For members at Bethel Lutheran Church located in Bath and Fellowship Bible Church located in Chagrin Falls, who helped turn the dreams of the Trowbridge project’s tenants into realities, the spiritual dividends are high.

“It’s been an amazing journey for us,” said Kris Burkett, chairman of Bethel Lutheran’s Outreach Committee. “Serving as a team on this house brought families and individuals together in this work with a shared purpose.” The high level of involvement in the project by Bethel members speaks for itself. According to Burkett, an average of 50 – 60 people attend the church’s one Sunday service, yet 10 to 15 of them regularly show up to work on BHITC’s renovation projects and other outreach activities. Clearly, the members have a heart for serving! “The numbers are overwhelming,” Burkett says.

God knew exactly what the project needed, and He provided exactly the right people for the job! Burkett, with a degree in construction management, and his crew were the first in line to help in a variety of ways, including the landscaping at the Trowbridge property. Not monly did they agree to do the work, they offered to fund it along with members of Fellowship Bible Church, who contributed additional volunteers and funding for the work.

The two churches served together to install the paver patio, plant landscaping and construct and fill several large raised garden beds
with vegetables ready to be enjoyed! Fellowship Bible then also purchased the patio and porch furniture, making the house 100 percent ready to be an oasis for the veterans.

To volunteer with BHITC on a future housing project, email Corrie Purdum, Manager of Ministry Engagement at

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