THE HOPE CENTER: A Gateway to Employment and Much More

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Connecting people across the city and the globe

Employment is always one of the biggest needs we hear from refugees of all ages. Whether it’s a father, highly educated and successful in his home country, seeking entry-level employment in America because his degree and experience are not recognized here or young adults who are too old for high school, but really do not have a solid education, employment is challenging, but essential to the stability and long-term success of refugee families.

Time and time again, when we match refugees with local employers, the feedback we receive speaks to the strong work ethic of these men and women. Since the opening of The Hope Center two years ago, BHITC and its staff have helped match even more refugees with employers. In 2015, BHITC placed 23 refugees into jobs and in 2016, 57 refugees found employment through BHITC, an increase of more than 250 percent!

Those 2016 employers include:
• 30 people employed with Delaware North at Progressive Field
• 6 people employed with Oatey Co.
• 6 people currently in the employment process with Metropolitan at the 9 Hotel
• 2 people employed with Mid-West Direct – Shipping
• 2 people employed with Cactus Jack Landscaping
• 12 additional people employed through relationship with ASIA Inc.

“The Hope Center is truly a gateway to success for refugee families. In the area of employment, we are able to identify specific skillsets in individuals as we are working with them, and in turn, recommend avenues of employment they may not have even considered for themselves,” says Eileen Wilson, BHITC Director of Refugee Resettlement Ministries. “We see attributes and skills in the men, women
and young adults we are working with that they may not even be aware are assets to American employers, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

For the past 2.5 years, BHITC has worked with AmeriCorps to employ one of their representatives, Josh Gailer, at The Hope Center to help refugees with job training skills and to secure jobs. In his role, Gailer assists people with job applications, resume writing and development and also conducts mock interviews and helps with interview preparation.

BHITC is privileged to play a role in making that happen for them, through The Hope Center and beyond. Contact The Hope Center to learn more at 216.513.4762 or visit our website for a list of volunteer opportunities at
Prospective Employer? If you’re an employer and interested in learning more about hiring refugees, please call 216.513.4762 or email Eileen Wilson at

A very special thank you to Community West Foundation for their ongoing support of The Hope Center and these ministries.

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