There are dozens of volunteer opportunities with Building Hope in the City (BHITC). Think you’re interested in volunteering with us?

Understanding Poverty

This training session provides insight and will deepen your understanding of people living in poverty and how to assist low-income people. Topics include research on the causes of poverty, personal models for life developed by those in the middle class vs. those in poverty and creating relationships for sustained change. This training is for anyone who would like to have a better understanding of everyday life for people in poverty, cycles of poverty and how to help people become self-sustaining to leave poverty.

Advance registration is required.  Cost to attend is $15 and includes food.  Class is limited to 10 participants until it is safe to gather in larger groups.

Monday, August 24 & Tuesday, August 25
*Must attend both nights.
6:00 – 9:00 pm

**BHITC’s NEW Offices**

3274 West 58th Street (the former Gilbert School)
Cleveland, OH 44102

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Building Hope 101

The first step to volunteering with Building Hope in the City is to take ‘Building Hope 101 (BH 101),’ a 60-minute introduction to the organization. You will learn about our mission and ministries and find ways to use your God-given gifts and talents to love people in the city for Christ.  Building Hope 101 is a prerequisite for the Refugee 101 class.  Taking the Refugee 101 class is optional and only for those interested in serving in this area of the organization’s ministry.


  • Wednesday, July 15 – 5:30 pm *Session is virtual* (60 minutes)
  • Saturday, August 15 – 8:30 am at The Hope Center (60 minutes)

Where:  The Hope Center
15135 Triskett Road
Cleveland, OH 44111


Refugee / Hope Center 101

Note: In order to take this class, participants must have already taken the Building Hope 101 class listed above. For your convenience, once a month, BH 101 is offered immediately before Refugee/Hope Center 101. To sign up for both classes, click “register,” select the date you wish to attend, then hit “submit.”

Refugee /Hope Center 101 is a 90-minute class and a pre-requisite for joining a BHITC volunteer mentoring team befriending a newly arriving refugee family. It is also required for Hope Center volunteers. Participants will gain an understanding of who refugees are, why they are fleeing their home countries, the resettlement process in Cleveland and how to handle various situations when working across cultures.

When and Where:

  • Wednesday, July 15 – Cancelled for July
  • Saturday, August 15 – 9:30 am at The Hope Center (90 minutes)


MissionSmith Sessions

Check back for future events!


Global Conversation Classes

Global Conversation Classes are a series of trainings specific to BHITC’s refugee ministry.  All Global Conversation classes take place from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at The Hope Center, 15135 Triskett Road in Cleveland.

Refugee 201:  A class designed for those who have mentored a refugee family for several months or longer and are looking to help the family take the next steps forward in life.  The session includes considering what the next big decisions may be for the family and how to help them through the process.
     When:  No dates scheduled at this time. 

Immigration 101:  This class teaches the fundamentals of the American immigration system. You will earn about immigration law and policy so that you can better understand what’s happening in the news and how to support immigrants in your community.
     When: No dates scheduled at this time. 

ESL Tips & Tricks:  This session offers practical tips and techniques for helping a refugee or immigrant begin to learn the English language.  BHITC’s ESL ministries need additional volunteer teachers, and those considering serving as a volunteer refugee mentor would also benefit from this session.
     When: Wednesday, Sept. 23

Cross-Cultural Communication:  In this class, students will identify and discuss barriers that might prevent people from effectively engaging in communication across cultures and review methods for applying effective cross-cultural communication methods.
     When: No dates scheduled at this time. 

Preparing Students for Citizenship
     When: No dates scheduled at this time. 

Pre-registration required.